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Regal King linear track lighting adds accent, task or general use lighting to any room or workspace. We have a wide selection of styles, shapes, and finishes available to suit any lighting situation.

Linear Track lighting is easy to install and, because of its design, light heads of various styles can be arranged on a single track section.

Please use the links, above, to locate track heads, kits and accessories to meet your specific needs.

Linear Track lighting is a method of lighting where the light fixtures are attached anywhere on a continuous track device which contains electrical conductors. This is as opposed to the routing of electrical wiring to individual light positions as in our fixed track decorative fixtures. Tracks can be mounted to ceilings or walls , lengthwise down beams , or crosswise across rafters or joists . They can also be hung with rods from especially high places like vaulted ceilings .

Typical systems have line voltage running through a recessed track. The track may have more than one live conductor, so that multiple switched circuits can be used to control different fittings on the same track. This is selected by placing the tab of the connector on the fixture to one side or the other when attaching it to the track. There are three standard types of tracks used in North America, as well as elsewhere in the world. They are often termed "H", "J", and "L" track, after the names of the manufacturers that established the standards. To identify a track fixture, you may use the following two rules:

  1. If it has three contacts, it is probably "H" type
  2. If the contact-tips are 1 inch apart, it is probably "J" type, if they are 7/8 inch apart, it is probably "L" type.

Many systems now simply use a single live and then use digital control interfaces such as DALI to control the fittings. This means that each fitting can be independently controlled.

More modern systems are available with low voltage (10, 12, or 24 volts respectively) which is in itself decorative. In this case, the fixture may clamp onto a track made of two metal strips separated with an insulating strip. Two-circuit configurations are rare in such systems. The track is powered by a transformer which converts the high voltage into low voltage. There are magnetic and electronic transformers.

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